Using Microsoft Technology with IoT systems, What Win forms and WPF could do for you!

Microsoft has been very old, reliable and good technology provider by creating one of the most widely used and intuitive operating system i.e. Windows. And to run the business across this system they developed many technological platforms surrounding it, like MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class), then came with VBA which were easier than later one. Now windows forms have replaced both in the past decade and have been one of the widely used, potent and reliable technologies among enterprises.

As windows upgraded itself with more advanced and lucrative designs in their operating system, they also brought a new technology WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) for people who wanted to have more enriched UI experience. It has almost all the things that windows form has, plus the graphics rendering capability and reusability which is very much beneficial in the present market.

It all started with a very simple idea, let the people knows windows OS first, once people were accustomed and got easy with the use of windows OS; software running on it were built with the controls that we see in the windows. It gave same feel and environment to users, and the power of running your own software within it.

People sitting and doing personal work sees the same controls as they see in the work terminals and stations. It not only has physiological benefits but also improves ease of access and trust in the system, also saves training system to learn how to use them.

Well, it not only gave the ownership to the users but all the developers who had to develop software system for complex financial, mechanical and electrical systems which needed real-time and high volume transactions.  Software system developed on WPF and windows gave the power to harness the hardware system, control them real time using various custom PLR/PLC system which are helping automate mechanical industry, auto industry, financial systems such as banking kiosks and other kiosk system that we see in our daily life, like airports, movie theatres, shopping malls and manufacturing units.

Today, all heavy duty self-access system have windows software running on it, biggest example you would see is, you can go to any part of the world and withdraw money from ATM (automated teller machine), these all machine run on windows platform and have been very efficiently managing the banking process. If we see, it takes cares of everything, right from what problem it has in case of any malfunction, to dispensing money and to raise alarm in case of any theft. And this system in there for more than a decade I believe.

Just imagine, such IoT system is making our lives easier since more than a decade and we are thinking now that something new called IoT technology concept has come and could make things easier.

Well, using technologies made our life easier than before, and it’s going to make it more using the IoT in various industries which needs high level of knowledge and expertise to oversee. For example, you work in a potato chip making factory which has an automated line that takes care of filtering nice potatoes, slicing them, frying and packing them in correct packages. And for a person to oversee it needs to know entire sub-assemblies workings, oversee and manage it. Now if we have a unified system that could bring you all the data from sub-assemblies and also is able to let you know what’s unusual in the system when anything as such is happening, can wouldn’t that be easier for the operator or manager to run the whole manufacturing. 

We won’t go into the discussion or comparison between Win forms and WPF, why you need to use it and who should be ideal for your business needs, there are lots of blogs and posts available online. All I would share it that WPF has almost everything plus the look and feel of the latest generation, with multiple dimension graphics rendering which could not help you manage the system but also have a quick overview or business insight of what is happening.

Microsoft has also come up with different OS version especially for the IoT ecosystem as Windows 10 IoT which has the same look and feel like normal Windows 10 but is much lighter, agile, faster and deployable on small devices which can run complex software system with ease integrating custom control boards such as PLC/PRL, RS458/232 interface, sensors system to take various readings real time, control machines and assembly lines.

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