Using AI and ML to analyze the product feedback process in the Insurance Industry


The insurance sector is one of the oldest industries which helps lots of customers in protecting their valuables be it, goods, life, health, businesses, or equipment. It has been offering services from generation to generation among different customers in the society. With the change in market and generation, insurance products also need to get them upgraded to meet the real-time challenges and the target customers. 


It is an old saying that the only thing that is constant is ‘change’. So in order to be with the market is to run in sync with the market. Now, bringing change in the already running system also brings the risk of putting business down due to incorrect decisions or not understanding whether it would be liked or not. Businesses who are able to take the risks and make correct decisions grow.

Our Solution

If we look at the last 20 years of the digital age, technology has made our lives easier in lots of ways. Things that would need days to be done are now getting done much faster. People no longer need to visit insurance company office to get their insurance, it can now be done easily from their website. 

Now if you want to know how good your products are, ask the person who uses it. Now there are lots of feedbacks that come from the users who can or cannot be considered as the improvement.

AI can help you in these areas not only to make a decision on which one to go with but also to make the predictive system learn using machine learning techniques to know what could be the possible changes that could be done that could be liked by the maximum number of the users.

This would improve the decision making efficiency and also the brand value of the product and its organization

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