Use of IoT in Daily Life Activity


Internet of things is one of such technology that helps automate the end work which you feel is mundane or needs to be automated.

There are many places and situations where human presence is not possible due to various reasons such as need, time, climate, or space but activity needs to be performed. IoT helps in these situations doing the job smartly.


Solar power parks are one of the industries that work in remote places, on barren land where sunlight is maximum. But these places are very harsh to stay and maintain the manpower in the field and detect issues in real-time as sunlight is 7 to 8 hours a day and the system needs to capture as much light as possible.

It is also not possible for the manpower to visit each and every panel to know the status and get it repaired or change its direction to the way of sunlight.

Our Solution

IoT based solutions can help solar companies know the status of each panel by communicating to the device attached to each panel, a photovoltaic module of these IoT devices can promptly diagnose faults and raise an alarm so can be fixed immediately.

The device can also help change identify the best angle of sunlight so can change the panel’s direction to the way its best to capture the energy from sunlight.

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