Leverage of Having Mobile Apps in Today’s Millennial Market

Mobile apps have now become mainstream platform in many segments of the different businesses. If we talk about banking sector, most of them are doing more businesses on the mobile compared to their physical branches. Banks have their needs, capital and capabilities to run them. 

What about other businesses who want to go digital or are already in the digital space but not sure if they could make the use of mobile apps in their businesses. Today in this blog, we will try to cover some of them like,

  • Are mobile apps capable enough for my kind of business?
  • Are they safe and reliable?
  • Why should people use app if they can just visit the website and get work done?
  • Is maintaining app ecosystem going to be costly?
  • How can it help in improving and not disturb my business when the current setup is working fine?

Today access to internet has become one of the basic rights of any human being, being recognized by almost all world bodies. With this change or need in the lives of people, preferences and ease of daily activity is also changing and has been constantly evolving around. Kudos to the team of internet and hardware companies who were able to do rapid research, develop pocket friendly devices and helping achieve this basic right. 

With this accessibility and affordability, more people are using phone not just for making calls but also for their utility and entertainment activities. 

The distinct advantage that mobile phone has over computer user is mobile phone is mobile. It can be carried anywhere with the ease, it’s cheap, easy to operate, and is more of a need for every people compared to computers which might be a leisure thing for most who don’t use it for their work. It is something which computer or web ecosystem might never have.

Now as everyone have mobile phone, no business would let go the chance of reaching them using this public infrastructure and having an app of their own is the best way to reach. This could bring the sense of security for user as well since its coming directly from the original source i.e. service provider and not any third party. And running the app ecosystem is not high for the businesses and compared to its advantage and outreach, running cost would definitely be low.

Apps can be of different category, market and purpose it’s developed for, 

  • Directly accessible by public, like email apps or banking apps.
  • Accessible to internal usage, like for usage among employees within any enterprise to keep the sensitive communication within the office platforms.
  • For tablets and other app based terminals like malls, public restaurants, cafes or even for the kids.
  • Gaming apps especially for gamers with free, paid and/or both options.
  • AR/VR apps for people who want to provide live enriching experience to the users.

We at Stride Bit have a team of expert developers and architects who develop native as well as cross platform mobile applications for both business and end customer usage. We take pride in being a one stop solution partner who could let up with developing or provide consulting on entire digital ecosystem that could help improve your business growth with the varied expertise in web, mobile apps, data analytics and artificial intelligence. We help our customers in consulting how technology can be leveraged to up their game in the businesses.

Do you have a business and/or interested to know how mobile apps could help you in your business, please reach us at [email protected]

Please feel free to share your thoughts as well.