Is Cloud ready for Small and Medium Businesses?

Cloud has been gaining a lot of traction in last few years, and raises lots of common questions in the minds of people whether they really need it or not, and they are,

  • Is it really worth that attention?
  • Is it safe as traditional servers?
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Performance issue
  • Privacy concerns

Before going with the answers, let’s go a few years back and rewind the tech trajectory. If we look 5 years back or earlier, with the revolution in the electronics and things becoming cheaper and widely available for consumption, people started using them have as,

  • Businesses started creating their online presence.
  • Big businesses having funds, could use most of it and be able to create full fledge systems. They were able to make the manual work such as documents, inventory management digital.
  • Small businesses wanted to have only their website as an information center.
  • Those who couldn’t afford either of two due to technical and financial reasons but wanted to go with the technology moved to the various free online directory and video platforms.

If we look at the internet revolution, they are happening at a very fast pace, yet they are happening step by step. We had earlier dialup connection, then mobile internet and fast broadband came, then 3G internet came which was more like a broadband connection in hand of every people, and now we are enjoying 4G network and very soon be in 5G.

The same happened with mobile and computer systems, we are able to get a very optimized and high-performance system today at a cost which every person could afford and use in their day to day activity. The biggest example is mobile phones, 10 years ago we use to get phone only for calling, now at the same price we get a smartphone which could do a lot of things along with the calling. 

With this evolution, mobile’s role of a support in business is now transformed as a mainstream of various businesses like Amazon and Apple. Now we are able to make payments through various digital platforms at very low cost, and has got wide adaptation in the society. It has also played very vital role this pandemic where people used the most use of it to avoid physical currency use due to Covid-19 fear.

Banks are one of the few sectors that have welcome technology in their businesses with open hands from the very early times, and people who are with the banking system even working in remote places have witnessed it. With this, they are able to improve their efficiency, reduce errors, risks of carrying physical cash, waiting period for various services like cash transfer and transaction. Today’s result is, now people have banking in their hands, and it’s not a minimal one but one of the safest and quality service. More and more people, poor or rich, young and old, people with special needs or living in a remote place, everyone is able to get the same quality of service.

Now if just see the past few months since the lockdown started, people were home due to lockdown, no visits, no concerts, no vacation. But…but people flocked to Netflix and other video entertainment platforms, no vacation/visit means video calls and zoom calls all day to the loving ones. Businesses started working from home, right from the small business to big corporations and the government started working virtually. Money transfers were all online and whatnot. But nothing broke, not a single time we heard in the news that the banking system or telecom or Netflix or zoom crashed. Even local businesses that were on the latest technology system were able to cater to all the demands. Within few weeks PPE kits and other sanitation and healthcare equipment started reaching the people which were needed before.

And yes, all the businesses we talked about above are using cloud technologies in some form in their technical system and all are safe and serving us without any issues. And yes, even a small business can have them, we can help you with owning it for your businesses and ideas.

I know I have taken a bit of your time in reading this but I wanted to answer the questions based on the life we saw and not going the big shot technical words, which we can of course have any time when doing the work together.