IoT System Integration

IoT devices and system are one of widely used system impacting part of our daily lives. StrideBit offers IoT based solution and services in all industry and domains. We have been working with Windows 10 IoT enterprise, developing different enterprise level solutions which can communicate with different mechanical and electrical devices to help make system to make day to day life easier.

What We Do

  • IoT Kiosk Development
  • Real time machine control Software
  • Embedded Software
  • Mechatronics
  • Custom control board (PLR/PLC) integration using RS-232/485 serial interface.
  • Process control board (PCB), Sensors and pneumatic control devices integration and management.
  • Currency Bill Acceptor integration.
  • Industry Automation

We create innovative and competitive solutions that allows people to access the platform from anywhere in fast, efficient and cost effective methods.